We at Latitude 45 Lacrosse believe there are Five Pillars to building a successful well rounded lacrosse player. Each pillar is a key building block to a Latitude 45 Lacrosse player’s success.

  • PILLAR ONE: Honoring the Game of Lacrosse

     History & Tradition: Lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America. Lacrosse is referred to by Native Americans as “The Creator’s Game”. Players should honor the traditions of the game and respect the ancestors of the sport.

     Sportsmanship: At all times, Latitude 45 players must conduct themselves in a manner respectful of themselves, their team, coaches, parents, game officials, opponents and property. Players must refrain from disrespectful or unsportsmanlike conduct including; profane, abusive, demeaning, harassing, threatening, or obscene expression.

  • PILLAR TWO: Player Commitment, Determination & Discipline

     Team Practice & Tournament Attendance: Latitude 45 players must attend practices & tournaments. Practice is a time for teaching team building. Players not in attendance at practice slow this process for the whole team.

     Teamwork: Lacrosse is a team sport. Teamwork is a “life skill” that stays with young athletes long after they stop playing sports. Players must commit to playing as a team.

     Responsibility: On a team, the group suffers unless everyone is committed to its success. Commitment requires that everyone show up on time and ready to play at every session. Making commitments and fulfilling them are important in both sports and life.

     Healthy Lifestyle: The importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle is a key facet to competing at a player’s best. Players should eat unprocessed whole foods and get 8 hours of sleep each night & maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • PILLAR THREE: Player Skill Development

      The Latitude 45 coaching staff gives players the knowledge, advice and tools to reach their goals. Team practices will include progressive skill work and innovative drills. Younger players will focus on lacrosse fundamentals including stick skills, shooting & dodging. Individual skill development & improvement leads to quality team play.

  • PILLAR FOUR: Competitive Tournament Play

      Players participate in competitive tournaments that attract a higher level of competition and provide older player’s exposure to college coaches. Younger players gain experience and learn the importance of strong competition through tournament play. This experience enhances their playing ability and prepares them for higher levels of competition. Competitive tournament play helps raise our players’ abilities to another level.

  • PILLAR FIVE: Parent Commitment

    Parents are a vital and important part of the coach-athlete-parent team. If a Latitude 45 parent plays their position right then their son or daughter’s lacrosse experience will be enhanced.

      Practice & Tournament Attendance: It is very important that parents promote exceptional attendance at team practices and tournaments. When players miss practices and tournaments, they miss vital segments of a lacrosse training & development program.

      Parental Support: Parents should encourage and support their son as well as promote and exemplify good sportsmanship. Provide positive feedback. Parents must not disparage or undermine coaches or teammates on the sideline or at home.

      Financial: Parents agree to meet their Latitude 45 financial obligations in a timely manner.